The Global Journal of Strategies, Governance & Applied Economics publishes research of the highest scientific quality from an international array of contributors in all areas of economics and related fields. The journal features: 1.) Articles and empirical studies on theory and policy 2.) Book reviews 3.) Comprehensive surveys of the contributions to the area. A special issue each year on key topics in strategies, governance and economics. The Vol. 20 is now available on our website              Note that the next Volume is for April 2015
Global environment of contemporary public action
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The world is changing ...
... The Global Journal of Strategies, Governance & Applied Economics's priorities also!

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The Global Journal of Strategies, Governance & Applied Economics, ISSN 1923-6042, is an Canadian' scientific review of strategies, applied economics & organization governance, adhering to the highest peer review standards, engaging established and emerging scholars around the world. In this era, characterized by an explosion of systems and technologies, the gap between theory and practice, frameworks and applications keeps widening. The Review seeks to narrow this gap by publishing in collaboration with the Business Intelligence Agency of London and with the European Business School of Cambridge, case-based research that supports, extends, constrains, or elucidates existing theory or that helps in building new theories and frameworks. It was launched on the premise that case-based methodologies provide rich, detailed data that provide a context for theory that is absent in applied economics and organizational studies. The review is interdisciplinary, bilingual, and calls contributions from all fields, disciplines and approaches relevant to the development of the global economy. Note that all our events are organised by the LabExReFi in association with the Academic Council on the Global Governance Systemic Risk, under the auspices of the Financial Engineering and Banking System (research centre dedicated to the evaluation of regulation policies, with its main objectives being to improve the understanding of financial systems and regulations' implications, with a view of providing public authorities with independent academic expertise and guidelines for actions). GJSGAE review furthers objectives of excellence in research and higher education, hence an acceptance rate of 8% on average, encourages the submission of research manuscripts from authors all over the world.
Strategies, Acknowledgements- warmly thank our editorial body's superb effort

Thank you for participating in The Financial Engineering, Manegerial Economic & Banking System Forum. You, our keynote speaker, the open forum on "Theory vs. Practice", the conference center staff, the conference site staff, entertainment, the weather, all contributed to its success! Read more
The world is changing... The Vol. 19 (past issue) Editorial...

In recent years, strategies has been celebrated by its practitioners for its potential, and its ability to humanize and democratize the Corporate Governance by bringing the experience of people and communities typically absent in the decisional archives into conversation with that of the political and intellectual elites who generally write...  Read more
The Financial Engineering, Manegerial Economic & Banking System Forum Acknowledgements
When we started with the idea of launching this conference we were not expecting it to be a big event. Initially we only thought of including universities in the capital region but were pleasantly surprised by the response      Read more
The 19th Global Finance, Bank & Economics Conference...

The Global Finance, Bank & Economics Conference - Hyatt Regency Perth - aims to get reseearchers and practitioners to think together about issues related to global economy, competitiveness, management.Further details

Academic Council on the Global Economics & Finance Business Congress

The Global Economics & Finance Business Congress - Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach - Australia - is an international conference Further details

The Financial Engineering & Banking System/Managerial Economic Forum

The Financial Engineering, Manegerial Economic & Banking System Forum Mercure Sydney Hotel, aims to bring together scholars, researchers and practitioners to discuss and share ideas about Further details

LabExReFi' Accounting, Financial & Economic Research Conference

Accounting, Financial & Economic Research Conference - Novotel Canberra - brings together researchers and practitioners from multiple areas of accounting, banking, finance, economic.    Further details

The Risk System, Financial, Business & Banking

The Finance, Business & Banking Symposium> - Sofitel Melbourne on collins 2015 - is an international assembly devoted to promoting peer-reviewed research. FBBS' aims to encourage scholars and practitioners to...    More details

Global Journal of Strategies, Governance & Applied Economics is interested in your research. If you have papers in hand and would like to make the Global Journal of Strategies, Governace & Applied Economics a vehicle for your research interests, please feel free to submit an electronic version to the email address: Read more
The Mission of Global Journal of Strategies, Governance & Applied Economics & GJSGAE' Awards for the Best Papers

Global Journal of Strategies, Governance & Applied Economics, is pleased and honoured to announce GJSGAE Best Papers Awards, which will endeavor to reward the most outstanding papers published in the Review during the year.Read more

Mission of the GJSGAE: The principal objective of the review is to establish an effective channel of communication between policy makers, government agencies, practicing managers, academic and research institutions, and persons concerned with the development of new methodologies to formulate and solve strategic problems by applying new methods. GJSGAE provides also conceptual and pragmatic guidance to decision makers by publishing papers that bridge the gap between strategic decision-making and governance in business, industry, government and academia. GJSGAE draws on a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to accounting, finance, information systems, international management, marketing, organizational management, economics, operations research, production and operations management, and strategic management.

A PRESTIGIOUS JOURNAL IN SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING   The world is changing...      GJSGAE's priorities also!

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